Show a white silk, tuck it into your hand and change the silk into a rabbit! Very easy to do and funny to watch!
Comes with one rubber rabbit and a small white 100% silk handkerchief.
Rubber Rabbit Dimension Approximately 2 x 2 x 1 1/2(5.08cm x 5.08cm x 3.81cm)
Silk Dimension Approximately 8 x 8 (20.32cm x 20.32cm)

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고무 토끼 1개,  100 % 흰색실크 

고무 토끼 크기 (약 5.08cm x 5.08cm x 3.81cm)

 실크 크기 ( 약20.32cm x 20.32cm )
상품명 : Silk to Rabbit
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